Ulla Wally November 19, 2017

With aging, many seniors decide to shift to a reputed Continuing Care Retirement Community or abbreviated as CCRC instead of staying in their own homes. Various reasons are associated with this bold decision. Children move out as they grow up. Sometimes the sudden demise of the spouse can be difficult for the seniors to stay alone in the home. They often suffer from isolation and depression.

Though these communities are established and run by renowned organizations working in the similar field for the past several years, still you should check a few things when choosing the CCRC.

Know about their services in details

You being the future member of the community should be well-informed about the services offered at the CCRC. Apart from the upscale style of living, the center should offer the facilities of independent living, assisted senior living facility, and nursing as well as memory care.

Facility for special care

There are a few CCRCs that allow Alzheimer’s patients in their communities and the seniors suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, heart ailments and other issues. With proper nursing care and 24/7 medical surveillance, the seniors are given the proper care with trained nurses with expertise to give care to these residents.

Constant nursing or care giving services

Again, some of them become totally depending on caregivers for performing the daily rituals of life such as cooking, bathing, cleaning and even driving to the bank or supermarkets to purchase the grocery and medicines. But hiring caregivers 24/7 for a long term can be expensive. Rather, the seniors can consider living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community.

Good living environment

Living in the CCRC will give you the feeling of living in your own home. Now you have freedom to select the Continuing Care Retirement Community per the luxury you are habituated to live. If you want the place to be cozy and warm just like your home you can choose accordingly. Again, if you prefer to live your post-retirement life in a lavish space or a place similar to a coastal resort, select the retirement home accordingly.

Check out the amenities

If you have the habit of using some special amenities that you also wish to have at the CCRC as well,  visit the place and let the manager know about it. You’ll be aided with all the relevant information as you choose to live at the CCRC.