Ulla Wally October 16, 2018


In recent days, online sports betting has become a very popular task among gamblers. The main reason is the easily available sports betting platforms that helps them to place their bets and withdraw their winnings easily. It provides easy money deposit features no matter where you live. Online betting software providers offer numerous live events and bet types each month. These online betting software providers make the betting experience of the gamblers who are their clients into a memorable one. They provide numerous promotions, bonuses, gaming selections and betting tips to their customers.

The top three competitive betting software providers in today’s market are PricePerPlayer.com, EveryMatrix.com and BetConstruct.com. Every gambler is looking for something unique and different in their online sports providers and their betting software. Let us look into these four betting software providers and their best features.

Features offered in the Top Three Betting Software Providers

PricePerPlayer.com is the best sports betting software and platform provider in today’s gambling competitive world. They offer the next generation sports betting software and uses latest technology and advancements to run your own online sports betting business successfully. It is equipped with all that you are looking for betting in the gambling industry. It is good at operations, risk management and decision making. It has a very good games options, odds, handicaps, bonuses and potentiality that makes the gamblers/clients to participate in betting tasks efficiently with full support from the betting software provider. It has live betting, horse betting, multiple platforms, digital casino, call centre, safe and secure banking options and affordable prices.

EveryMatix.com is an award winning sports betting software provider for the iGaming industry. It delivers a wide range of live sports events, multiple sports betting types, offers flexibility, has powerful admin tools and good profit margins. it has good wallet management, player management, gaming vendors integration and unique payment processing via Money Matrix which has risk free money management through a single integration. It has a very good  agent functionality. They have experienced trading team and 24×7 customer service support. It has a standalone sportsbook product where clients can choose to operate on their own license. It completely takes care of event creation and odd compilation. It has real time front end using TruePush technology and is compatible with all web browsers.

BetConstruct.com is a number one online gaming and sports betting platform with its unique features and offers exciting experience. They provide about 30000+ live matches every month. It has increased turnover and healthy margin. It has poker, skill games, casino suite, Ogwil, live dealer, virtual games, fantasy sports, virtual reality casino and social gaming. It has professional traders to perform the odds and are robust and responsive. It has live sport video streaming on demand for the players and bookmakers. It has full technical support and many commercial opportunities.