Ulla Wally April 17, 2018

Mudjacking can very simply be described as an effective way to level up misaligned concrete slabs. In this regard, it should be mentioned that this is not the only process with the help of which slabs can be restored in the said fashion. However, it is often opined that it is the best technology that can be employed in this regard. And, why is it so? We will find out in the course of the post.

Merits of Mudjacking

One of the most notable merits of this method is its cost-efficiency. Mudjacking, notably, is also known as slabjacking. The whole process can be completed at half the price of what might as well be spent for slab replacement. Plus there is a similar slab repair method called polyjacking which entails the use of more expensive materials. So, if you think that your slab repair needs to wait since you don’t have the money to sponsor the same at present, we would ask you to think again! It does not really have to wait quite simply because mudjacking is more cost efficient and effective than you ever thought.

It can be done quickly

Additionally, this one remains a very quick repair process! Slab replacement is rather long drawn – to say the least! It should, however, be remembered that the duration of the procedure is directly proportional to the scale of the project. Mudjacking projects generally take around one to two hours to finish. That’s way less when compared to slab replacement.

No landscape damage

Work can be completed in a hassle-free fashion! What we are trying to imply here is that you can get done with the entire mudjacking procedure without really having to face issues related to landscape damage. Yes. This particular procedure does not impact your landscape adversely! There is no damage to deal with.

Filling those gaps!

Mudjacking remains an efficacious method with the help of which you can actually fill up the voids in the landscape. Yes. This is something which you will not really be able to experience with slab replacement. Even replaced slabs are associated with these problems. You just cannot fill up the gaps irrespective of how impeccable or accurate the measurement of the slabs has been. Without the gaps, your concrete acquires a way more secure and stable shape.

If you are currently looking forward to exploring the benefits of this process, make sure that you are getting the best specialists on board. Research credentials thoroughly.