Ulla Wally February 28, 2019

The first things that pops on our minds when someone mentions Phycology is a patient laying on a sofa and just telling their feelings , fears and problems to their Philologist. Well , the Psychologists is of course on of the famous jobs related to Phycology major but there is also a variety of other job positions held under the Phycology industry and field.

Holding a phycology degree will allow you to enroll with many industries and fields; you can either work in schools, universities and any other educational or any related organization. Being a consular is another famous job in the field of phycology, consular job position is fit in a variety of companies and industries .Psychologists average pay rate is considered a bit high  , it can start-up form 35,000$ and can reach up to 250,000$ annually . It all depends on the experience and the amount of efficiency they obtain.

What are the best jobs in the Phycology field? Let’s find out.

Here are the best jobs occupied in the field of Phycology:

  1. Psychiatrist.

Being a professional Psychiatrist requires diagnosis, treatment, assessment and tries to prevent emotional and mental health difficulties as much as they can. Psychiatrists are out through extensive medical and psychological training, which actually means that they are now able to understand the body functions and also being able to clarify the complex relationship between mental health illness and other misleading medical illness.  They use different kinds of treatments, which includes using different forms of Psychotherapy and medications. Some extreme issues would require the patient to be hospitalized or some specific needs and treatments.

  • Psychiatrists get the highest average pay among other related jobs. It can actually reach up to 200,000$ annually!
  • Psychiatrists needs an extensive training besides holding a, medical degree and residency.
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  1. Industrial & Organizational Psychologist.

This field of psychologist is predicted to be in an extreme high demand through the upcoming years ahead. This field is the empirical study of human behavior in companies and other organizations. It focuses on finding creative solutions as well as developing special individual’s philosophies as well as for groups by using their information and knowledge. it also does special training courses related to science , in order to understand the human performance , attitude , behavior and every related human factor . They seek to find great solution by directly studying and addressing both human and organizations problems in the context of coherent work.

  • They are responsible for designing and optimizing work and the quality gained from work life.
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  1. School Psychology.

School psychologists are highly trained professional psychologists which are a part of the collaborative school team, which strongly supports student’s behavior and abilities. They are not only responsible in the educational field, but all the relevant fields like mental health , social skills , learning abilities , emotional health and any other factor that can impact the student’s behavior . School psychologists often work with public community, schools and every other educational environment. School psychologist’s tasks are diverse, it starts with collecting data, analyzing information, progress monitoring, wide practices, promote learning and many other tasks.

  • School psychologists are either school-employed or school psychologist who owns their own clinics but collaborates with schools, universities and any other academic environment.
  • School Psychology is in high demand. Every year new psychology problems and issues because of the fast technology development which is a huge factor which affects the student’s behavior and life in general.
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  1. Correctional Psychology.

Correctional Psychology field is a very important part of the correctional facility. They often work alongside caseworkers, attorneys and correctional facility staff members. Their procedure is not easy, it is actually critical. The first step they do is interviewing the inmate; observe the client’s behavior as well as reviewing their chart. The correctional psychologist’s duty is not only monopolized for the inmate only, they sometimes interview the family members of the client, and any other close members which are involved in their lives. After collecting useful information and data, they will review and evaluate the findings. Clinical disorders are identified through Correctional Psychologists by using their professional skills and trainings in order to be able to officially declare the formal diagnose. The last technical step in the basic procedure is done by the psychologists is them assisting in developing the chosen appropriate treatment plan that was professionally built. As we all know, following up in any plan is considered essential, they must provide counseling follow-ups to with clients after formulating the treatment plan.

  1. Special Education Teachers.

Special Education Teachers must be kind to a level where kids would take them as their own guardian angels. Working with kids with special needs is something really hard and emotional as the same time. Kids with special needs suffer from learning, mental, emotional and physical disabilities. Special Education Teachers usually teaches in school in all levels, starting all the way from preschool until high school level as well. Some special education teachers works in childcare services, public institutions of other institutions. They must reach to a level where they must meet the needs of these children clearly and professionally. Some special education teachers concentrate on preparing and helping students transition from grade to grade and for life after graduation.

  • Special Education Teacher is a great job, it allows you to be the basic supporter and helper of the special needs students. You are the one responsible of actually making these special kids succeed in real life.
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Psychology is an enormous field. As we saw above, it can be either is related to both children all the way up to elderly people. Psychology is a forked field; it can relevant to almost every major equipped around the world.  There’re a lot of other psychology fields internationally and locally, there is even psychology fields which are monopolized for military people only. The conclusion of this article is that people think that Psychology is only about shrinks and consular in schools. If you’re studying in any related Psychology field, you are surely on the right track. Psychology fields are paid high amounts of money and earnings, Psychiatrists may reach an annual earning above 180,000$. Do not make it only your job which you earn money from, make it a passion which can simply drive you up to the stars.

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