Ulla Wally September 15, 2018

Face masks are a must in our beauty routines – nothing is more satisfying than washing away all that residue and build-up in our skin like when we wash away a face mask. Until now, that is! Peel-away face masks are all the rage at the moment and these ultra-detoxifying tools are not only effective but fun. Once dried, they form a layer you can peel away in one-go from your face and see all the gunk they’ve stripped left on them. Ready, set, peel!

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

If we were to rate masks based on how satisfying they were, Boscia would come in at number one. Jet black in colour and uber-dense in minerals, this hardcore mask reaches deep and exfoliates pores with all-natural ingredients. The black colour makes it super easy to see all the oil and whiteheads it removes.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Facial Peel Off Mask

For those looking for a skin-quenching mask, look no further than Freeman’s Cucumber Mask. Hydrating and super cooling, it’s ideal for faces after a day in the sun to restore skin’s moisture and relieve parched sun-soaked skin. Pull of the well-worn Chanel sunglasses, get one of these on and you’ll feel very much relieved! Also, at under $5, it’s a beauty steal.

JorgeObe The Original Black Peel Off Mask

Another jet black mask that clears your skin oh-so-amazingly is JorgeObe’s The Original Black Peel Off Mask. Danish made and full of black kaolin clay and witch hazel, this mask is both purifying and restorative.

Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off Masque

If you’re looking to try out a peel-off mask before committing to an entire bottle than Montagne Jeunesse’s Passion Peel Off Masque with convenient one-time sizing’s are ideal. The single serving is chock-full of antioxidant ingredients and a powerful mix of fruits such as pomegranate, cranberry, raspberry and grape.

Hey Honey Take It Off! Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask

This highly rated mask is one of our favourite beauty tools. Honey is a miracle beauty ingredient that replenishes and clears skins. Ideal for all skin types, Hey Honey’s Take It Off! mask is a quick and easy mask for glamazons on the go.