Ulla Wally April 2, 2018

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a producer, director, hobbyist film maker, photographer, or shooting a University project. If you work in film or in photography industries, or are aspiring to, you’ll need a reliable case to store and carry around your equipment. Cameras, whether they are of the video camera or photography camera varieties, are sensitive pieces of expensive equipment that need specialist treatment and great protection.

Without proper protection, a camera can easily break, especially if it’s dropped, even while in a case. The storage you use for your camera and its accompanying equipment needs to be strong and versatile, preferably with good internal protection to cushion the equipment and keep it from moving around too much.

By using a protective case to store your filming and/or photography equipment, you’re giving yourself the freedom to shoot your project wherever you want to. A case allows you to take all of your equipment with you, and keep it all in the same place, without having to carry multiple bags or have several helpers on the day just to carry your equipment. With a protective case, you’ll have a much easier setup, knowing that everything you need is right in your hand.

An aluminium case is the perfect solution to your camera storage and transportation needs. These lightweight cases are strong enough to protect your film and photography equipment even in the roughest conditions. Aluminium is resistant to UV, water-resistant, and non-corrosive. This makes it a versatile storage solution for sensitive equipment that needs to be transported in various weather conditions, on any kind of terrain, and using any type of transport.

Aluminium cases also come with customisable foam inserts which is ideal for protecting sensitive equipment like cameras and their accessories. An aluminium case with foam inserts that are moulded to the necessary size for your equipment will be able to easily absorb any rough treatment, keeping your equipment safe and undamaged.

There are a range of case sizes available through aluminium case companies, including those that can offer comprehensive storage for your camera kit with an efficient solution to your transport needs. You’ll need a case with practical and useful elements, that can be customised with foam inserts and accessories to properly store, divide up and protect your equipment. This will optimise the safety of your photography equipment and ensure that your kit is properly stored inside the case to minimise accidental damage inside the case. You can trust a properly modified aluminium case with even your most valuable equipment, including high priced cameras, and even your laptop, if you needed it carry it with you to view photos or camera footage.

Depending on your needs, you’ll be able to find a case that suits the space that you need for all of your photography equipment. If you have a large amount of equipment, you may want to consider buying a chest rather than a case. Any kind of aluminium storage solution will still maintain a good standard of strength and quality.