Ulla Wally October 20, 2018

In order to control the flow of both gas or liquid, you need to use valve control in all kinds of process. Therefore, it is necessary to choose right type of valve for your application so that your process can run in smooth manner. Sometimes choosing such valves can be a bit confusing and time consuming too.

In order to choose right sanitary valves, you need to begin with searching few basic information about your process and know its requirements. That will make your job of selecting the right valve easier.

Following are few tips provided in this write-up.

  • Choose the size and type of valve

Every valve has to do one or more than one of the following functions and based on that you need to choose the valve.

  1. Shut off flow
  2. Divert flow
  3. Pressure relief
  4. Mix flow
  5. Adjust flow
  6. Backflow prevention

Based on the function, standard valves are designed. Following are few common types of valves available in the market.

  1. Ball valves
  2. Check valves
  3. Metering valves
  4. Needle valves
  5. Pinch valves
  6. Regulator valves
  7. Relief valves
  8. Stopcock valves
  9. Toggle valves

You also need to choose the right size that will match with the expected flow through the pipeline.

  • Materials for construction

You have to choose the material of the valve which must be compatible with the media that is going to flow through the pipeline. It should no way react chemically with the media. Plastic valves are considered better as compared to metal valves for certain corrosive chemicals.

  • Performance requirements

Find out what are the temperature and pressure requirements of the process line where your valve is going to be installed. For higher temperatures and pressure, usually metal valves are more suited than plastic valves.

  • Any special requirement needed?

Depending upon the requirements there can be many additional considerations to be accommodated during the installation of such valves. Also, you need to add many other safety and monitoring systems so that the process line can work in a smooth manner.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the very important criteria that cannot be avoided at any cost. As an example, if you use ball valve for any pharmaceutical line then very soon you will start getting complain, as it is difficult to clean ball valve during running process, whereas in pharmaceutical product no amount of contamination can be tolerated.

Following above tips, you can choose right valve for your process line.