Ulla Wally June 26, 2019

If you have never been the owner of a new puppy, you may become terrified when you find your new pup’s teeth lying randomly here and there. You will also be just as distracted if you come across a half-chewed shoe. During the teething process, a pup’s initial teeth fall out and make room for the adult teeth. Not only is the process painful for the dog but it can also be damaging to your home’s upholstery fabrics.

Be Patient and Know What to Expect

To get through the puppy teething phase, you need to be patient and know what to expect. You also need to make sure that you are covered by pet insurance. Pet insurance can take care of routine care items and help you with any puppy care issues that may come up as a new pet owner. Therefore, you should already have in mind the type of insurance that you will be using before you adopt your puppy or bring it home from a pet shop or breeder.

Buy Lots of Chew Toys

During the teething stage, you will also have to supply your pup with lots of chew toys and lock your own shoes or slippers safely away. With a large number of toys at its disposal, a puppy will find teething to be less uncomfortable. In fact, to make things go more easily, make sure that you rotate the toys.

Supply Your Pup with Ice Cubes

Some puppies like to chew on ice cubes whilst they are teething. Therefore, it does not hurt to have ice cube trays on hand either. Put the cubes in a bowl for easy access. To ensure that your puppy keeps nipping to a minimum, attach a light leash. Not only will the leash keep your dog from nipping at your hands but it will keep the dog close to your side and away from the furniture.

Getting Acclimated to This Phase

The teething process can last from one to three months. Therefore, you need to be prepared during this period to see teeth in your rugs or blood spots on some of your puppy’s chew toys. Don’t worry about these things as they are natural. You just need to be sure of how to handle this part of your dog’s development.

Again, Don’t Forget to Buy Insurance

Anything that you need to take care of during your puppy’s formative years will be better handled if you buy pet insurance. Again, don’t take this type of cover lightly. You need it to take care of routine care as well as cover your dog if it should swallow an object or get hit by a car. Whilst you don’t want to think that these events will happen, you still need to make sure that you can pay for any mishaps or illnesses.