Ulla Wally February 27, 2019

Studying Geography might be dull right?

Let’s see what jobs are encountered in such industries and then decide whether it’s a bit boring or actually inspiring!

Geography jobs are boring, this is a Common wrong idea people think of Geography industry. It’s not as boring and dull as people assume. Students who study Geography are actually more skilled than other students, because during their college years, they would already build their analytical and research skills while studying. Studying Geography will actually offer you good opportunities in developing solutions to some of the most pressing issues for modern society like natural disasters, urban expansion, climate change, over population and multicultural integration.

Geography is split into two main majors, Human Geography and Physical Geography. The first specialization is Physical Geography focuses on Earth’s physical materials, processes and natural science. On other side, Human Geography is specialized in social science and focuses on human cultures and communities.

Typical job roles related to Geography in 2019:

  1. Cartography.

Cartography is a career which involves developing maps, charts, diagrams and spreadsheets as well. The role of Cartography also includes restoration of historical documents and old maps. This job role allows you to work in different sectors and industries, like surveying, publishing, conservation and government industry as well. Now days, people relay on advanced technologies such as digital mapping techniques and Geographical information systems (GIS).

  • Some people are actually really passionate in making and developing maps and diagrams. It’s just like a hobby for them.
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  1. Geographical information systems officer. 

This job role is suitable for people who are interested and lov3es in working with Data, computer systems and analytics.(GIS) the computerized systems used to storage, analysis, management and of course the presentation complicated geographical information. The data can actually be applied on a variety of areas, like telecommunications, transportations, meteorology, defend and in many other industries. 

  • As any other field, all employers prefer solid experiences besides being superior in your major.
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  1. Environmental Consultant.

Being an Environmental Consultant means that you responsible for ensuring that both commercial and government clients actually comply with the regulations and rules. Environmental issues are one of the main concerns. This job role is varied, it focuses on areas of land, water or air is polluted or not, and study the impacts that would affect the environment.

  • Water-related organizations and the government prefer having employees with a solid experience in this interest.
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  1. Conservation Officer.

Being a conservation officer would needs a real lover of Mother Nature. The conservation officer is passionate about the environment and takes a role of encouraging others to safeguard and appreciate the natural world. You’re asked to protect Mother Nature and raise awareness among the community, as well as showing people the right ways to enjoy the environment without leaving a negative impact.

  • You can gain relevant work experience in the industry by voluntary work for some non-profit environmental organizations or any related paid work.
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  1. Recycling Officer.

This job role is related to the theme of sustainability in geography career. Recycling officers aim to reduce waste by promoting recycling in their targeted area. They are responsible for planning and developing environmental and waste reduction schemes and policies. You need be skilled in communicating and own strong planning skills as well. You will also need to be aware of the current recycling practices, future trends and emerging technologies.

  • Recycling is a great method used to conserve our mother nature and keep it safe form getting poisoned and polluted by human’s bad habits like throwing plastics and any kind of waste in the ocean , these actions are killing the beautiful nature creatures and simply destroying our beautiful planet .
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Geography Jobs hold some jobs which are really meaningful and holds a big amount of passion. Not all people would give their attention and time to protect planet earth; unfortunately, humans are actually the cause the pollution we’re certainly suffering from. If you’re a student and you’re still studying in any related field to geography then you’re on the right track. We need more people who would embrace their love of nature as their long-term career paths. The more development the world is experiencing the more pollution we will encounter. Geography jobs are in demand because they are a very little percentage of people who would actually enroll in nature by making it their basic job and earning a living of it. Geography jobs are paid good amounts of money because pollution is getting worse and spreading on large distances. Geography seeks people who are passionate about nature as well as being creative and smart. Our planet earth will be fine because of these passionate people working on protecting Mother Nature from any kind of danger. 

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