Ulla Wally March 9, 2018

The Avengers franchise has started a new revolution in Hollywood of legendary superhero movies. These movies have sparked the interests of both fans and newbies alike. Hence, Comic-Con has begun to get more popular every year. The most anticipated release for the year 2018 is The Avengers: Infinity War I and people are already going crazy about it. You can join in on the fun by attending Comic-Con 2018 in style with Avengers Themed Nail Art.

The first and most challenging step is to choose a character and design. With more additions to the franchise, you have a large number of Avengers to choose from. An excellent choice would be Scarlet Witch. Once you select a character, you need to decide the style of nail art you wish to get done. You can choose a style from the wide variety on http://www.msmee.com/. Once you’ve decided what you want, you can go to your local salon and get it done.