Ulla Wally November 26, 2018

These days, it is easy for people to capture images using their smartphones. But, those who can afford to buy a DSLR camera can expect to take higher quality photos. Images taken using cell phones can be used for personal purposes such as posting photos in one’s social media accounts. However, if you are looking to capture images for a product launch, a promotion, and other business-related purposes, you need to get those photos taken by professionals. You probably think that there is no difference between photos taken using your smartphone and those you would get from a professional photographer. But, the following elements give you all the reasons not to depend on your own device in terms of corporate photos:

Elaborate Details

A smartphone can seem to capture clear images. However, DSLR cameras used by professional photographers from a photography studio Austin will clearly capture all the details in your business you want to showcase.  This has to do with the sensor these devices are built with. DSLRs use bigger sensors so they can capture more information in every shoot, leading to clearer images.

Real Color

Some applications and built-in filters can be added to your images taken on a smartphone to enhance the look of the images. However, professional cameras promise to capture vivid and true colors. Again, this is caused by their bigger sensors that can capture a range of colors. If you want to show off your products, you want them to look realistic and attractive.

Manipulative Depth of Field

This element can heighten your images and make them look interesting. It focuses on the image’s main subject, controlling where you want viewers to look. Not all smartphone cameras provide you much control of the depth of field. This is the reason images taken on the device tend to be flat. But, professional photographers can manipulate this element to draw attention to your product, employees, location, and other elements you want to capture. They ensure only the main subject is given emphasis, blurring the background or making it less distracting.

When it comes to taking corporate photos, you need to hire the right professional. Professional photographers use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you get images that will capture more attention, make your image or brand stand out, and ultimately help your business grow. Therefore, reserve your smartphone cam for your selfies and leave business photos to the pros.