Ulla Wally January 12, 2018

Oh Australia! There is no other country that immediately brings to mind scenic road trips aboard a campervan hire; sunset and sunrise views from gorgeous beaches; majestic mountain ranges and of course, adrenaline pumping four – wheel drive journeys. And there are places in Australia that are frequented by those that seek adventure. And we have listed the top 5 4WD destinations in Australia for all you intrepid explorers.

  • Gibb River Road – Gibb River Road is one of, if not the most sought after four-wheel drive destination in the country. Gibb River Road goes through the Kimberley and you will have to brave extremely challenging rough roads. Do not worry though, as most well maintained 4WD vehicles can make the trek. Mind you, we said most.

The best thing about Gibb River Road is you will drive past three mountain ranges. Not only will the ride be memorable, but prepared to be awed by the majesty and the vastness of the region. Oh and there are also wide river crossings and breathtaking gorges along the way. Enjoy.

  • Anne Beadell Highway – Not only is this one of the highways that were built by no other than Len Beadell, the remote road runs straight through salt lake and wait for it – atomic bomb test sites. Keep in mind though that you would have to ask your 4WD rental place for a permit to pass through this road. Furthermore, this is a part of the country where you will not come across a lot of people. The remoteness of the region and its surrounding history adds to its appeal.
  • Cape York Peninsula – The development road in Cape York Peninsula is so popular because you cannot go there anytime you want. The road is only accessible during summer months or dry season. The limited availability of the track is what makes it such a sought-after destination to four-wheel drive enthusiasts. This is also a popular route for those travelling to go the tip of the country.

Be prepared for river crossings and creeks that can be a bit tricky to drive through. Not for the faint of heart, this trip will not take you through any desert. You will drive through dense forests in the northern part of Queensland which by the way, is among the last wilderness regions in Australia.

  • Birdsville Track – This trip starts in South Australia and finishes in the renowned outback town of Birdsville in Queensland. Make sure that you are adequately prepared for this long, four-wheel drive journey. There is not a lot of amenities along the way and there is no phone reception during most of the trip. This is also a four-wheel drive destination best visited during spring or winter months. The track is famous of course, for its challenging driving conditions so again, make sure you are adequately prepared.
  • Canning Stock Route – This route is known as one of the most challenging four-wheel drive trips in the country. And there are very good reasons for it. You will drive through saltpans, sand dunes, rough roads and a lot more. This route was originally used to transport overland cattle, and it passes through ancient rock art and cattle wells. You will also pass by the famous Wolfe Creek meteor crater so do not forget to stop and take snapshots of the region. Lastly, there will be a substantial drive time between points of interests on this track so do not drive alone.

You have never fully experienced Australia if you have not gone off on a 4WD adventure. The beauty of the country is not just found in its beaches or bustling cities. And this is something that the true adventure seekers understand about Australia, and what makes them come back for more.