Ulla Wally December 10, 2018

If you are like other businesses, you probably have a document destruction procedure in place. You might have invested in several shredding machines for every department. Maybe you just put any sensitive documents in a recycling bin and let your partner recycler take care of them. But, just because this is a convenient option for you does not mean it fully secures your sensitive information. Poor document shredding practices can put your clients, vendors, and employees at risk of identity theft. Read on to understand more about document shredding:

Once Discarded, your Documents are No Longer Yours

Did you know that discarded documents are public property? Thus, anybody can go through your trash, get whatever they want and use them for their own purpose. Once you dispose of the documents you shred in-house, thieves can take those pieces legally.

You Save More with Shredding Services than In-House Shredding

Although you will need to spend money on shredding services, you will be able to recoup on the cost as your sensitive information is lost in thin air.  Some shredding companies may charge you only for the weight of your trash while others charge a fixed fee for their services. This means you have options to choose from based on what works for you. In-house spreading, meanwhile, requires you to invest money on a shredding machine. You won’t be able to get the value of your money when the machine doesn’t effectively shred your paper.

You can Choose Between On-site or Off-site Shredding

With off-site shredding, shredders will pick up your discarded documents and take them to a destruction facility. But, the documents are often sorted by hand at this facility which means that people can access the information in those documents. On the other hand, mobile on-site paper shredding involves taking out the locked shredding bins placed in your location to a shredding truck and destroying the documents immediately. The shredders will usually encourage you to watch them while they do their job.

Mobile Shredding is Quick

No matter the volume of paperwork that must be shredded, mobile shredders can do their job faster than your office shredders. Shredding volumes of paperwork in-house requires a lot of time or even days. But, mobile shredding can take care of them in just a few minutes. In fact, they do their job without having to remove any paper clips or staples.